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Saving the Planet Starts at Home.

Most homeowners don't know the right approach to reduce their energy costs, so we created an online home energy education platform so homeowners can save money, improve home comfort and achieve energy independence.

Nerdy is an understatement.

Hi, I’m Spencer, aka Your Proud Solar Nerd.

My home energy journey started when my friend showed me a lightweight, virtually unbreakable, flexible, thin-film solar panel that I could peel and stick anywhere. I was totally hooked by this cool little piece of technology. It was clear that this was the future and so I started working in the solar industry over 17 years ago.

As the curious cat I am, I wanted to learn about MORE than solar and I went out and did home energy audits with a business friend. And that’s when I realized just how much goes into a home energy system. It’s way more than a peel-and-stick solar panel...it’s insulation, airflow, and ventilation. All of it works together to create a truly efficient and healthy home.

I distinctly remember opening up a vent and seeing insulation behind it. I asked my friend, “Wait, don’t we breathe the air from that vent?” He kind of gave me a nod and replied, “Yup, that’s how we used to do things.” It was little moments like these that made me keep searching for what had builders missed.  I was on a mission to learn everything I could, and question the status quo.

So I got every Home Energy Certification I could think of and started my energy audit and whole-home upgrade company, Energy Integrity. And for 8 years, I would go into people’s homes, crawl around their attics, clean up their homes, seal airflow, upgrade windows, add insulation, upgrade heating + cooling systems, and install solar energy and batteries. And the results were insane.  People couldn’t believe their homes were at a comfortable temperature all year round, and their energy bills were the best they’ve ever looked.

But I knew I wanted to do more than crawl around hot, dirty attics. I wanted to change the way every single homeowner views their home’s energy usage.  I wanted to be a home energy leader and I wanted people to see the opportunities I saw.  So I participated in various programs, developed a great relationship with SDG&E (one of the largest utilities in California), companies and started teaching courses on home energy upgrades.  And I got recruited by the world's largest solar energy and battery technology companies.

That's when things really started to take off.   At my day job, I built upon my home performance background with an even deeper understanding of solar and battery technology and started training solar energy professionals all over the country.  And, homeowners who attended my SDG&E trainings loved feeling empowered with knowledge for where they spend most of their time.  I've now spent the last 5 years refining the Home Energy Course and it's ready for prime-time.  Now, with power of the Internet, my goal is to share what I've learned so everyone who has a home can save more,  live comfortably, and achieve true energy independence.

Want to leap-frog the 50,000
hours that I spent nerding out?

You can.

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“Bill helped me create an attainable financial plan that is already changing my life.” 



“After listening to just one episode of Bill’s podcast, everything started falling into place.”



“Bill is the secret sauce to my recent financial gains. I can’t thank him enough.” 

Tell you more about the Academy, you say?

Well, I it all started when I realized how just how in the dark homeowners are about how their home uses energy. And it’s not their fault. We all learn about European history in high-school, but are never taught about something as basic our homes.  We spend so much time in them, they are typically one of our biggest investments and our monthly energy bill is usually one of our top monthly expenses.  Don't we deserve to really understand how they work?
I think so.  And that’s why I created the leading educational platform on whole-home energy projects. Because you as a homeowner deserve to feel warm and cozy on cold winter nights and cool and comfortable on hot summer days. You deserve to have peace of mind that your power grid won’t go out -- especially after seeing the extended power outages associated with recent fires in California and that brutal cold snap in Texas. You deserve to keep your family healthy with clean air free of combustion gases and other sneaky safety risks. And you 100% deserve to tap into the power of solar energy and bring your energy bill down to as close to $0 as possible.
And it's all about the approach.  It's about seeing the big picture and creating a plan.  It's about developing an understanding about more than just solar or insulation, it's about developing a passion for creating the best living environment possible and it's about making it happen!
When you invest in your home energy education, you benefit your home, family, and future.

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